WPC Tournament Guidelines Oct 2016 – Sep 2017

The WPC Sports Ministry affirms the importance of participation in Sunday morning worship service. Therefore, the WPC Sports Ministry recommends that teams limit the total number of tournaments played per calendar year to five total and to those listed below.
The WPC Sports Ministry requests that teams that desire to play in more than 5 tournaments per year, or any tournament not listed below, receive approval from the WPC Sports Ministry prior to applying for the tournament.
If you plan to add players to your regular season roster for a tournament, you should do the following in the specified order.
– Consider adding a player(s) from other WPC teams in your division.
– Contact the coach of the other WPC teams in your division, to request permission to ask players to participate on your team for the tournament.
– You may contact other organizations if you have considered adding a player(s) from other WPC teams in your division. You must inform the WPC Sports Ministry Committee prior to contacting outside organizations.
– Contact the coach of the outside organization you are requesting players from. Do not contact the players’ family before contacting the coach to seek permission to add players to your tournament roster.
– If the player is added to your tournament roster, do NOT attempt to recruit the player to your team permanently.
Please contact the Sports Committee if you have any questions regarding these guidelines, or if you need to seek approval for any of the items specified herein.

List of Tournaments:

Oct 15-16, 2016 VFW Youth Group
Mar 11-12 Megalopolis Tournament
Apr 8-9 Bay Area Asian Sports – Dragons
Apr 7-9 Wanjettes
Apr 21-23 West Los Angeles
Apr 22-23 Foster City Flyers
Apr 29-30 Sacramento Rebels
May 5-7 South Bay FOR
May 13-14 SF Associates/SF Enchantees
May 20-21 Sacramento Warlords
May 27-28 San Jose Zebras
May 27-29 Tigers Youth Club
Jul 22-23 Montebello Jets/Jetts
Aug 5-6 Nikkei Games 3-on-3
Aug 27-27 Pasadena Bruins