The Sports Ministry is an outreach ministry of Wintersburg Presbyterian Church and is established as an opportunity to share and demonstrate the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an opportunity for families and individuals to participate in a ministry that will encourage spiritual, social, and physical development.
The Sports Ministry is an ever evolving ministry which has outreach programs running year round primarily focused on basketball. Little Hoopsters is a program designed to introduce young boys and girls and their families to the sport of basketball. It also provides a venue for non-church members to become familiar with Wintersburg Church. Girls’ summer basketball is a program we run for fun and to help promote fellowship with other organizations outside of Wintersburg. Our winter & spring participation in SEYO basketball involves over 300 participants and is a time of learning and sharing about the love of Jesus Christ. Although it seems like a lot of activities geared for the children, we have many areas of outreach for the parents as well. We are constantly looking for coaches for our teams who can help teach our children that sports is not just about winning but about displaying a Christian attitude through their play.